Operations Supervisor / Advisor / Technician / Production Supervisor

Petrofac - العراق , Iraq

Role synopsis

  • The Operations Specialist will be
    responsible for managing safe, compliant and reliable operations activities and
    providing a clear direction with regards to priorities for the facility.
  • Reporting directly to the OTL the
    Operations Specialist is the key interface between the Operations team and the
    Degassing/Production Station.
  • The Operations Specialist role is a
    coaching and advisory position. Deliverables are achieved through influence,
    and this is heavily reliant upon the relationship the OA develops with national
    staff at the field locations. The role will work closely with the Operations
    Maintenance Specialist to deliver safe execution of the facility plan and
    timely resolution of operational issues.
  • As a member of the Operations team the
    Operations Specialist has a key role in ensuring compliance against all areas
    of Process Safety, Operating Discipline and Product Quality.
  • The Operations Specialist may deputise for
    the OTL as required and will have direct interaction with sub-surface,
    production optimisation, inspection, engineering, mods / projects and well
Key accountabilities

  • Always demonstrate strong safety
    leadership and exemplary safety behaviours ensuring that Client safety
    expectations are communicated and reinforced.
  • Carry out Leadership audits, participate
    in incident investigations and lead/assist teams on determining root cause and
    suitable preventative measures.
  • Coaching and development of their direct
    reports to support the nationalisation agenda
Risk / Operating Discipline
  • Ensure changes to plant and equipment is
    subject to the appropriate level of Management of Change before putting into
  • Be visible on site to test and verify that
    Operating Discipline standards are being set and maintained by the site
  • Responsible for ensuring full compliance
    with any Operational Risk Assessments (ORAs) that are in place covering
    defective plant or conditions
  • Responsible for ensuring timely execution
    and accurate close out of all production related maintenance.
  • Provide assurance to OTL on compliance at
    site with Control of Work procedure. Provide coaching on site to Site
    Controllers, Area Authority’s and Isolating Authority’s
  • Lead by example and is accountable for
    their teams being fully compliant with code of conduct and Values and
    Behaviours expectations.
  • Coach and support the facility team on
    their development
  • Ensure that direct report work patterns
    and commitments are fulfilled per HR contractual obligations
  • Motivate the team, celebrate their
    successes and ensure their views and problems are listened to and suggestions
    are considered
  • Identify and intervene if a team member
    does not meet performance expectations, have a low tolerance for poor
  • Responsible for ensuring direct reports have a
    robust development plan and are being actively managed. Is a competent and
    active process isolation assessor.
Production Delivery, Optimisation & Excellent Performance
  • Responsible for understanding the day to
    day plant optimisation and well inventory in order maximise daily production.
  • Responsible for providing operational
    input to the optimisation team for managing well allocation and new oil
  • Actively monitor product quality and
    manage interventions when quality issues arise. Be proactive to make early
    interventions on indication of quality issues
  • Responsible for ensuring robust plant
    watch keeping and monitoring routines are completed with all deviations acted
    on and ensuring system is fit for purpose.
  • Manage plant availability to ensure that
    safety critical maintenance is completed and production requirements are met.
  • Lead and support 5 Whys investigations for
    all production losses and product quality issues over defined limits
  • Responsible for updating the plant
    vulnerability sheet on a weekly basis so it is an accurate reflection of plant
  • Drive clear prioritisation of
    vulnerabilities so action is focused in the right areas
  • Actively lead and ensure participation in
    Continuous Improvement projects on your sites and promote the benefit of the CI
    philosophy to engage the site teams in this process.
  • Ensure plant operations are operated
    within the design envelope and that any deviations are risk assessed via
    operational risk assessments.
  • Plant is prepared and reinstated in
    support of TAR execution schedule, ensuring SIMOPS are identified and managed
    early enough in the schedule.
Provide project team support during design, construction and
commissioning phases


Additional Information

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تاريخ النشر: ٢٢ مايو ٢٠٢٠
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