We are looking for IT programmer

RNVDO - العراق - اربيل

Position: IT programmer  

Location in Erbil


·         Design all or part of an information system

·         Oversee program design activities to ensure they meet business process objectives

·         Perform all programming and/or configuration assignments

·         Define and incorporate system security and control procedures to protect data entrusted to assigned systems

·         Analyze and resolve software errors in a timely and accurate fashion

·         Ensure the documentation for programming, users of the system and other support service workers meet overall business process

·         Provide status reports where required

·         Draft design specifications for software applications

·         Create and maintain documentation for code and/or configuration throughout the system development lifecycle

·         Ensure the testing of the programs meet acceptance criteria

·         Train end users on established programs

·         Provide on-call support and problem resolution

·         Perform required maintenance and install enhancements to ensure effective operation of systems

·         Develop and write computer programs to perform specific tasks related to organizational goals

·         Create workflow diagrams and charts to demonstrate the functionality of programs before coding them

·         Run software tests to spot and resolve bugs and inconsistencies

·         Write code for software patches and bug fixes

·         Work with team members to find creative, innovative solutions to problems

·         Collaborate with other departments to understand their needs and devise ways to accommodate them with software

·         Perform regular audits to identify software inefficiencies and mastermind ways to improve workflow

·         Write and continually update documentation for all programs for internal and external reference

·         Writing and testing code for new programs

·         Updating existing programs.

·         Identifying and correcting coding errors

·         Rewriting programs for different operating systems

Skills and Qualifications

·         bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems or other technical area is needed to pursue a career as an IT Programmer.

·         At least 2 years of experience in a computer programming role

·         Strong attention to detail and ability to spot tiny errors or inconsistencies in code

·         Must have excellent creative problem solving skills

·         Excellent communication skills and ability to work with a team

·         Knowledge of programming languages

·         Up to date on the latest software innovations and committed to continually building on existing knowledge and skills

·         Exemplify superior time management skills and capable of working productively with minimal supervision

·         Ability to follow directions closely and accurately

·         A desire to innovate and create cutting edge programs

تاريخ النشر: ٢٣ أبريل ٢٠٢١
الناشر: Tanqeeb.com

تاريخ النشر: ٢٣ أبريل ٢٠٢١
الناشر: Tanqeeb.com