Part-time Arabic-speaking Journalist

Radio Al Salam - العراق - اربيل

 Project background

  • Created in 2015, Radio Al-Salam 94.3 FM is a multiconfessional and apolitical radio, dedicated to IDPs, refugees and returnees in the North of Iraq.
  • It is broadcasted through two transmitters, located in Ankawa (Erbil) and in Duhok, and can be heard in the Governorates of Erbil, Duhok and Ninevah.
  • The radio station can also be listened to through its website and smartphone application.
  • The media aims to spread a message of peace, provide a space for testimony, dialogue and exchanges, regardless of religious and ethnic backgrounds.
  • It is building bridges between the various communities of Iraq, and making international action accessible and understandable to local populations.
  • The programs provide regular news, informing the audience of local and international developments.
  • They include field reports, testimonies and interviews, as well as cultural, entertainment and sport shows.
  • Radio Al-Salam 94.3 FM is broadcasted 24/7 in Arabic and Kurdish.
  • The project is co-financed by French private and public donors, and directed by a Frenchman.


  • As part of a team of 8 journalists, under the management of the radio’s Editor-in-chief, you will be in charge of the following 

Contributing to the editorial offer of Radio Al-Salam:

  • Coming up with new ideas for reports, interviews and testimonies
  • Recording and editing reports from the field (including outside Erbil) every week ;
  • Hosting and recording interviews and testimonies every week.

Anchoring a show several times a week:

  • Discussing current issues by emphasizing on minority, displaced or refugee-related topics ;
  • Taking calls from listeners and enhancing live interactions ;
  • Monitoring the technical aspects of the live show, including its recording ;
  • Ensuring the overall quality of the broadcast ;
  • Providing ideas for the show’s improvement.

Recording a short-time weekend show:

  • Providing idea for a new programme ;
  • Implementing the programme and recording it every week.

Recording news in Arabic:

  • Keeping track of the local and international news ;
  • Ensuring they are up-to-date, relevant and reliable ;
  • Delivering 3-minutes-long flash news, both live and broadcasted.


  • Arabic language required,
  • Kurdish, French or English language appreciated.
  • Previous journalistic experience,
  • Communication skills,
  • Ability to work with a multicultural team of journalists,
  • Humility and collaborative mindset.


  • Part-time position (20 hours / week).
  • Monthly salary : USD 600 including transportation allowance.


  • Erbil
  • The position requires availability and on-site presence exclusively on weekdays.
  • Temporary day trips to Mosul and throughout Iraqi Kurdistan
  • Position starting from September / October 2022.
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تاريخ النشر: ٣٠ يونيو ٢٠٢٢