Migration Researcher

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Altamira Worldwide designs and implements community-based research and communications projects to empower communities to make informed migration decisions, assist people to locate opportunities locally or regionally for advancement, and reduce irregular or risky migration.


A Migration Researcher’s job is to gather current information on migration trends, rumours, reactions to policies and news and better understanding how people make migration decisions. A Migration Researcher must thoroughly understand potential migrants’ motivations and decision-making. We seek to understand as thoroughly as possible perceptions of what migration means to individuals and communities and migration-related perceptions and rumours within the community. The focus is on obtaining qualitative information on potential migrants regarding their migration processes and reaction to different events, policies and news items, mainly from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

The Migration Researcher will conduct in-depth qualitative research with potential migrants and other community members and submit regular reports. This will include online platforms and people living inside your country and community and diaspora. The Migration Researcher is expected to know where people find migration information and how smugglers and scammers operate, both in-person and online.

This position is a research position specifically targeting Iraqi communities living inside Iraq and outside in the diaspora.


This role requires someone who can work independently with enthusiasm and creativity to engage people interested in migration. The following qualifications and experience are necessary:

·       A thorough understanding of the local and international migration trends and patterns;

·       An understanding of migrant communities and how they make their migration decisions;

·       Strong connections to other people interested in or considering migrants inside Iraq and in the diaspora;

·       Experience in the use of social media (Facebook etc.);

·       An understanding of online forums and behaviours that are relevant to migration for Iraqis livingboth in and outside of Iraq;

·       Fluency in Arabic and English, including writing to a high standard. Knowledge of Kurdish is alsopreferred.


This position is a flexible remote-work position and will likely require a part-time commitment (approx. 25 - 30 hours a week). The Migration Researcher will work with a remote manager and will have contact with other staff members spread across several countries.

Training on Altamira Worldwide methods, project objectives, and internal systems will be provided. You will be required to remain off the record and not be quoted directly in social media accounts or local media without your supervisor's approval.


The position is expected to have a trial for one month, with the possibility of extension.

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تاريخ النشر: اليوم
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